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Hi! And Welcome! If you aren’t familiar with my work,  I create one of a kind or limited pieces that don’t break the bank- but look amazing in the arena.  I create from the local to world and national level.  Please note that most of my items I can alter to send to you so that they fit custom.  I create most of my items on stretch fabrics so that you have a little flexibility with measurements and also in case you lose or gain a little weight you still have an item you can wear. If you have fitting questions please feel free to contact me as I may be able to help! Thank you again and Happy Shopping!  Please visit my facebook page for the latest listings and items that are currently being designed.

NEWLY ADDED/available

It isnt very often I come across brown prints that I absolutely love.  This is one of those few prints!  It is a gorgeous chocolate brown white and light olive.  Crystals are clear and olivine throughout in many sizes.  This one is currently larger but I can take inward several inches. Bust-40   Waist-37  Hip-44  it does have some stretch also so please ask me any fitting questions- everything is fit custom to you before shipped. Back length can be set from 23 1/2 to 26 1/2 your choice. $425 includes US ship/insurance and alterations


This is a very high end ITY fabric in a very rare denim stonewash color. I used montana, clear and light sapphire crystals throughout.  This one is loaded and very upper level show ready. This is a knock out in person!!  Bust is currently 41 with lots of stretch or I can take inward. Waist-39-Hip 43- all will  stretch a lot or I can take inward.

$725 including US ship/insurance   

This gorgeous white

This stunning and edgy piece is everything you would expect from a Paulas Place. Gorgeous horsemanship style with hidden front zipper and faux button placard- also had the panty and velcro to remain tucked in place. It is a consignment in perfect condition and priced  amazing.  Has very little stretch so be sure you are not above the given measurements- it can be altered inward if needed. Bust is 38, waist 33, Hip 41- sleeves do have zippers at the bottom for ease of putting on.

 Priced at only $495 includes US shipping and insurance. I also accept venmo

Beautiful brown poly lycra abstract. Several different colors of brown crystals. Will stretch or I can take inward. This one will be very versatile as it will go with chocolate or tan or cream/vanilla.  Measurements are 40bust-35waist-41hip. All measurements will stretch some or I am able to take it inward if needed- Back length can be set from 23-24 1/2 hem length.

 Priced to Clear at $235


Priced at $475

I purchased this shirt plain (long story) but it did not match what I needed so I decided to crystal it and resell- my loss is your gain. This is a gorgeous raspberry and olive and black border print. I used fuchsia and olive and ab crystals throughout.  Bust 42, waist 37, hip 44 it will stretch about 5 inches easily or I can take inward some if needed.  Only $345 including US ship

This is such a beautiful set in person! Gorgeous consignment- could definitely be worn with different colored shirts for different looks.  Vest is a lace overlay that is fully lined for support. Lavender shirt is Port Authority in an XL.  

Vest is bust 45, 40 waist-

Amazingly priced at $325

This one

This is such a pretty fabric.  This one is one I did a while back and is in on consignment.  In new condition and I added more crystals to it.  True black  base with white and two colors of pink.  Crystals are jet, clear and lt rose.

bust is 34 has some stretch,32 waist, 36 hip. Back length is 23 1/2 

Priced at $187

This is a brand new 

Black/Tan Jacket SOLD- Thank you!

This is a stunning piece in person. black and tan combo with tons of crystal ab and jet black crystals throughout.  This fabric has enough stability for a lightweight day jacket if wanted.  Bust 44 I can take inward or it will stretch to 47 if needed- all measurements will stretch -waist 40 hip 45. Back length can be set from 22-25 1/2 

Sale priced $585

Timeless black/white is SOLD! Thank you

This black and white is timeless.  So classy- true black base with a gorgeous puff faux lace overlay.  I then added a ton of jet and crystal abs throughout in different sizes- I can take inward or it does have some stretch- Bust 43, Waist 38, Hip 43  all measurements have about 2 inches of stretch.  25 length and 25 sleeve.

Sale priced $335

Super pretty consignment that I created a couple years ago.  Leather collar with lambskin overlays.  I can add body crystals if you wanted.  Super lightweight for summer shows.  Will stretch or can be taken inward Bust 35, waist 30 hip 36 – 22 1/2 back length and 23 1/2 arm length.  

Clearance $145

This is such 

This is a typical Scully’s shirt.  No detail 

This is a super cute shirt- it has been used and shows some wear but has plenty of win left in it!  Size small- if you need measurements please email me  $45 shipped US